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Geometric Space
Geometric Space Corporation, a subsidiary of Geometric Energy Corporation, provides cost-effective CubeSat rideshare programs, dedicated FireFly Alpha launches, and satellite data services.

Geometric Space Corporation’s ultimate ambition is to contribute to the creation of a multiplanetary civilization. The intermediary steps include optimizing current technology and expanding the commercial space market. These steps are happening now and where Geometric Space Corporation is currently concentrating.

Geometric Space is launching the Doge-1 and Geometric-1 satellite as a technology demonstration for Xi protocol, a space data communications infrastructure.

Doge-1 Satellite
The Doge-1 is a CubeSat mission paid for entirely with the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. The satellite will be launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as a part of the IM-1 Nova-C mission. Doge-1 will be used to collect "lunar-spatial intelligence" using onboard sensors and a camera. Once in lunar orbit, Doge-1 will explore the Moon and display images and digital art on a small screen in lunar orbit that will be broadcast back to Earth.

Xi Protocol Satellite
MOXY-1 is a 6U CubeSat equipped with internal imaging sensors to display images and digital art on a small screen in low-earth-orbit that will be broadcast back to Earth.
LifeShip is a space-time capsule program, with a mission to preserve the genetic blueprint of Earth’s incredible biodiversity as it is today for future space-faring generations. LifeShip is preserving Earth's and Humanity's genetic record by sending DNA time capsules on the missions that will seed humanities ascend into the stars.

These space missions are starting now, and LifeShip is offering you the opportunity to be apart of humanities' permanent genetic record by sending your DNA (and even your pets' DNA) on the genetic time capsule.

LifeShip’s first mission to the Moon is part of the Arch Mission Lunar Library II. It will be the first DNA seed bank that humanity has preserved on another world.

Upcoming Missions

Mare Crisium, Moon
Rocket: SpaceX Falcon 9
Lander: Firefly Aerospace Blue Ghost
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Launch Timing: early 2024

International Space Station
Rocket: SpaceX Falcon 9
Spacecraft: SpaceX Dragon capsule
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Next Launch Timing: TBD

Successfully Completed Mission

SpaceX Crew-4
LifeShip’s first successful mission to space was in partnership with Nasa and launched with astronauts to the ISS. It contained the DNA of over a thousand people and is the first off-world DNA seed bank.

SpaceX Crew-5
LifeShip’s second successful mission launched to the ISS on Nasa's Crew-5 with four astronauts onboard. The capsule contained DNA from thousands of humans and 500 species representing plants native to 6 continents and 100 of our most common food crops.
PointBlank is on the bleeding edge of emerging technology tieing web3 into Robotics and Space.

PointBlank's NoClip Satellite payload contains a 180-degree-lens virtual reality camera in low-earth-orbit. The satellite will be accessible for all to experience space in real-time to induce the "overview effect". The NoClip Satellite is accessible using the $NOCLIP ERC20 utility token.

NoClip Satellite Features
1) Teleport to space using a VR headset
2) Create an overlay over earth using their own pictures, art, or NFTs
3) Play classic video games in space
4) And more...

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