Terraformers Space Adventures

Welcome To Terraformers Space Adventures
Terraformers Space Adventures (TSA) is an NFT-membership space adventure club. A TSA membership grants access into the members only web app. The web app is a dynamic platform with interactive space content between other members and space companies to experience space adventures of your own. And we mean real space adventures. Terraformers works with real space companies to provide you inside access into space over the platform. TSA members experience space in ways never thought possible.
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The Beta Group
All Beta members will receive this standard PFP shown above. Beta Members will receive a free lifetime membership NFT.
TSA is minting now for a beta group of 500 members. Beta group members will send their DNA to the moon on a lunar time capsule, send a Terraformer NFT to the Doge-1 satellite orbiting the moon, experience space in real time through the VR NoClip Satellite, send their Terraformers to the moon on a lunar lander, speak with leaders of space, and more.

Join The Beta
There are a total of 500 beta memberships. First 100 beta memberships are free. Beta group membership spots are minted one per wallet on a first come basis.
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TSA Starmap
We're turning space into an interactive platform by bridging an earth audience directly with space. Within each step, there will be continuous content and space adventures as space missions are continually launched.
Step 1
BETA GROUP #1: Mint first 100 beta membership cards for free. Start our first space adventures this group off 100 using "Space Redeemables". All communications will happen over Discord and X. All Space Redeemables will be attached to your NFT.
Step 2
BETA GROUP #2: Mint the next 400 beta membership cards. Continue the space adventures using "Space Redeemables" with the expanded group.
Step 3
10k MINT: Mint 10,000 TSA Lifetime Memberships. Lifetime memberships consist of randomly generated traits and different characters. Lifetime Members will have access to the TSA Community Space. The Community Space is where all the communications and action will happen. All Beta members receive a free mint!
Step 4
TSAT: With 10,000 members, we will need an allocation system. To do this, we will use Terraformers Space Adventures Token (TSAT). Each month, members will receive an allocation of TSAT. Save the TSAT up, or earn more by participating on tasks to spend towards Space Redeemables. TSAT is not a financial token, think of it as tickets used to claim prizes in an arcade.
Step 5
WEB APP: Expanding past the Community Space, TSA will build a full web app with added functionality to work as a stand alone platform. We aren't doing this over discord, you are joining a real platform.
Prov A
Franchise: Pulling from team members with professional video creation careers including work experience at Disney, Marvel, and Unreal Engine, TSA will begin creating content and story lines around the TSA characters with the goal of creating a franchise.
Prov B
Scale: After everything is running as perfectly as possible, TSA will begin exploring scaling the platform. To scale past 10k, yearly memberships to the platform will be sold to those without lifetime memberships. This will not affect your lifetime membership, and lifetime members will receive special perks.
Provisional Steps
These are steps that aren't necessary to the platform, however they are steps we will be exploring.

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