Terraformers Space Adventures

Welcome To Terraformers Space Adventures
Terraformers Space Adventures (TSA) is an NFT-membership space adventure club. A TSA membership grants access into the members only web app. The web app is a dynamic platform with interactive space content between other members and space companies to experience space adventures of your own. And we mean real space adventures. Terraformers works with real space companies to provide you inside access into space over the platform. TSA members experience space in ways never thought possible.
Join Terraformers
There are a total of 10,000 Terraformers NFTs. The mint will remain free until January 1, 2025 or until 500 Memberships are filled, whichever comes first. Become a member and join in on everything we are doing around space!
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Terraformers Features
Space Adventures
It's in the name, we're going on space adventures! Adventure into space by sending your Terraformers on space adventures to space stations, the moon, deep space, and anywhere else we adventure to!
Mission Boarding Pass
Use your mission boarding pass to send your Terraformer on space missions
Mission Badges
Receive and collect mission badges for the missions your Terraformer goes on
Space Redeemables
Members receive Space Redeemables for unique products, art, digital collectibles, and more relating to our Terraformers Space Companies missions and projects
Space Heroes
Meet and talk with the key figures leading the way in space in an intimate setting
Physical Redeem
Digital Redeem
Recieve 3D printed replicas, merch, stickers, trips to launches, and much more.
Digital Redeemables include exclusive rewards such as mission payload space, token allocations, space heroes events, and more.
Heroes Meeting
Heroes Autograph
Redeem to meet and talk with prominent figures in space
After your meeting, receive a digitally signed autograph attached to your Terraformer

The Beta Group
All Beta members will receive this standard PFP shown above. Beta Members will receive a free lifetime membership NFT.
The TSA Beta Group is CLOSED. The Beta group consisted of 100 members. Beta group members successfully sent their DNA to the moon on a lunar time capsule. Beta-Terraformers will still send a Terraformer NFT to the Doge-1 satellite orbiting the moon, experience space in real time through the VR NoClip Satellite, send their Terraformers to the moon on a lunar lander, speak with leaders of space, and more as a part of the main collection.

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