Terraformers Space Adventures
Become a Hero of an Unforgettable Adventure

Welcome To The
Terraformers Space Adventures Club
Terraformers Space Adventures (TSA) is an NFT-membership space adventure club. A TSA membership grants access into the member only web app. The web app is a dynamic platform to communicate with other members and experience space adventures of your with the community. And we mean real space adventures. Terraformers works with real space companies to provide you inside access into space over the platform. The first of which our 500 beta group members will send their DNA to the moon on a lunar time capsule, send a Terraformer NFT to the Doge-1 satellite orbiting the moon, experience space in real time through the VR NoClip Satellite, send their Terraformers to the moon on a lunar lander, speak with leaders of space, and more. TSA members experience space in ways never thought possible.

The Beta Group
All Beta members will receive this standard PFP shown above. This NFT will be burned to receive a free lifetime membership NFT.
TSA is starting with a group of 500 beta members. Beta members receive a free mint to access the beta and a free mint for a lifetime membership. The purpose of the beta is to test the platform's technology, figure out the best standard operating procedures when working with space companies, how to most efficiently handle the space adventures with our members, and to overall have the best possible platform ready to go upon public mint.

Join The Beta
We've privately accepted 50 beta members. The additional 450 beta group membership spots are open on a first come basis.
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TSA Production Mint
After we've worked out the kinks in the beta testing period, 10,000 lifetime memberships will be available to mint. Each membership will use generative art to create a unique membership for each user. More coming soon!